SIPS 2023 in Duisburg - Science Slam

At the Science Slam of the SIPS Conference 2023 in Duisburg, young researchers explained their science as creatively and entertainingly as possible for a broad audience, moderated by Dr. Helena Hartmann (picture below). High praise for two SFB researchers from the University Hospital Essen: Elif Buse Caliskan (picture left) from the Bingel Laboratory and Stefanie Hölsken (picture right) from the Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Immunology won at the Science Slam! Rewatch this great event here.

Chair: Helena Hartmann

Elif Buse Caliskan (picture below) explained in four minutes what placebo effects have to do with the perception of wine. Did you know that the label, the price, the shape of the glass, and even the ambience of the environment affect how we perceive wine quality? 

Elif Buse Caliskan, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Stefanie Hölsken (picture below) took us into the world of dermatology and reported how allergy symptoms can be alleviated there with the help of classical conditioning and green strawberry milk. Without any real anti-allergy medication, but through expectations!

Stefanie Hölsken, University Hospital Essen, Germany