Project teams

Complex research questions can only be answered in complex structures: The interdisciplinary composition of the project teams, with 19 project leaders and their teams including basic researchers and clinicians at the Essen, Hamburg and Marburg sites, pools competences and resources.

A01: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Bingel

Project Lead

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Bingel

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Bingel
Neurologist, Neuroscientist


Dr. Angelika Kunkel
Postdoc, Psychologist

Dr. Katharina Schmidt
Postdoc, Psychologist, Neuroscientist

Dr. Julian Kleine-Borgmann
Clinician Scientist

Livia Asan
Clinician Scientist

Dr. Helena Hartmann
Postdoc, Psychologist, Neuroscientist


Elif Buse Calsikan, Helena Klauss, Isabel Krüger, Torben Strietzel, Joshua Weyer, Jens Sperzel, Alina Kulka, Philipp Dahmen, Katharina Püchner, Laura Runau, Clara Erfurt